Monday, 1 September 2014

Tomatin Distillery

After visiting the Tomatin Distillery briefly in 2012 [they did not have any tours on a Sunday], we promised ourselves to come back for a tour and explore more of their expressions. In May 2014 we were at the Speyside Festival, so we arranged to go back and boy, were we happy we did.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tomatin Distillery - Interview with Graham Eunson, distillery manager

This is the other part of an interview done with Jennifer Masson and Graham Eunson of Tomatin Distillery. In the first part here, we asked Jennifer to tell something about herself, and in this part Graham, Tomatin's distillery general manager answers some of our questions.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Tomatin Distillery - Interview with Jennifer Masson, marketing manager

Tomatin Distillery is one of the easiest distilleries to find, just off the A9 main road, it is a perfect stop to explore a great distillery when crossing the spectacular Cairngorm National Park coming from Edinburgh to Inverness. It is established in 1897, located in the Monadhliath Mountains, and one of the highest distilleries in Scotland at 315 metres above sea level.

On our previous trip to Scotland we made a visit to the Tomatin Distillery. There we got the opportunity to meet Jennifer Masson and Graham Eunson who both took us around the distillery in an awesome tour. We already planned to come back soon on our next trip over to Scotland when showing some friends around Speyside, but more on that soon to come.

We are very happy we got the opportunity to ask them both some questions about their job and Tomatin. The response was great we got back, so we had to divide it all in two pieces. Ladies first, so read on to know what Jennifer has to share with us about her job?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Whisky Afloat 2014

The lovely couple Bennie & Gerda
In the Dutch whisky community we had previously heard of an event called Whisky Afloat, organised by Bennie, Gerda and John. It is of a gathering of whisky enthusiasts spending the day on a boat, cruising the Frisian lakes, whilst sharing a collection of whiskies and having a good time together, concluded with a BBQ at the end oth the day.

This sounds like fun doesn't it? Well it certainly was! After a bit of a silent season without any festivals, tastings or big meetings with any of the people from the Dutch whisky scene, to us this felt a bit like the kick off of the new whisky-season. After this there will be a couple of festivals and gatherings planned. So much to look forward to!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

the New Zealand Whisky Collection

We had the pleasure to receive a set of samples from Erik Burgess, Great Britain & Ireland Brand Ambassador for the New Zealand Whisky Collection, an initiative that rescued the remaining casks of the closed Willowbank distillery in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Arran Malt Sensory Kit

June 29th 2014, the Arran distillery turned 19 years of age, and celebrated this in that weekend with their annual festival. The day after some of us whisky enthusiasts were lucky enough to get selected for the Whisky Wire's fantastic twitter tasting, where we were treated to four of the distillery's whiskies from their core range, and their special releases. A very generous 10cl bottle of the 10yo, their most recent 17yo, the third and final Devil's Punchbowl and the Miss Black. All of these bottles were accompanied by the Arran Malt Sensory Kit, with a 3cl bottle of new make spirit at 68%, a handful of their malted barley and a similar amount of their grist - the milled malted barley.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

1940 feet and some change

It was time to say goodbye to Linda, Graham and Johanne. Two weeks had gone bye so fast, while we were still having so much fun getting to know each other when staying with them in Speyside. After exchanging some hugs we took off before we all would break down in tears, apparently we are not good in goodbyes from people we have a good connection with - lets leave it to that.

Driving from Craigellachie to Dufftown and then in the direction of Tomintoul following the A939 and eventually the B976 to the Royal Lochnagar Distillery is quite a beautiful ride. We wanted to do this drive in 2012 also but were warned by some locals that the road was still icy and snowy, so we passed back then. Having heard about this great route through Cairngorms National Park we knew we just had to try when we were in the area again.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Traveling to the west for some #whiskyfabricroadtrip fun

On the last day of our trip to Speyside we had an appointment with the Tomatin distillery. In 2012 we had stopped at Tomatin Distillery on a Sunday, driving from Oban to Inverness taking the scenic route via a closed Ben Nevis distillery. Tomatin does not do tours on Sunday either, but they had their visitor's centre doors opened, so we could go in for a cup of coffee and a dram. Back then we had promised ourselves to come back and this year, that time had come. Johanne had arranged a tour, but was not told what to expect, so the five of us came in and were ready to get surprised. And what a surprise they had in store for us...

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Building a cask and going to the museum

We had already seen the cooper's craft when we visited the Balvenie two years ago, but had never been to the Speyside Cooperage before, so we had decided to visit while we were in the area anyway. Coming from Craigellachie when going to Dufftown, it is a hard to miss location when you would be following the A941 once more. Traveling from Aberlour to Dufftown, you can take an unnamed B-road, which will lead you behind the back of the cooperage, where you can see the many casks, hoops and staves in all different sizes, stacked to be used - either for repair work or in order to be sold to a distillery and filled with spirit.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Our 50th

We woke up to this beautiful sunny Wednesday morning at the house we rented on the banks of the river Fiddich in the beautiful village of Craigellachie, Aberlour, Scotland. The sun was out early and the birds were performing their most beautiful compositions in our windowsill, reminding us we had a beautiful day ahead, where we would be going to see our 50th distillery from the inside; Glenfarclas - our Golden Promise*.