Saturday, 14 April 2012

Benromach Distillery

Benromach Distillery
Invererne Rd, Forres
Morayshire IV36 3EB
This location was a bit hard to find, our navigation was a bit lost... But we got there after some searching and driving around. It was a beautiful sunny day and they just openend... 

There was a truck unloading the barley when we were there. A walk around the shop and little museum next to the distillery learned us that they say that this Speyside's smallest distillery. They use water from the Romach Hills, and are owned and managed by Gordon & Mac.Phail, and a family bussines for more then 100 years.

We did not take a tour, but here are some facts about this lovely place.

Malt Source: Scottish maltsters
Malt Storage: 1 Malt Bin (30 tonnes)
Mash Tun Construction: Stainless steel
Mash Tun Type: Semi-Lauter
Mash Size: 1.5 tonnes
Mill Type: Boby - 4 roller
Grist Storage: 1 Hopper (2 tonnes)

No. of Wash Backs: 4
Wash Back Construction: Larch
Wash Back Capacity: 11,000 litres
Yeast: Brewers & Distillers
No of Wash Stills: 1
Wash Still Charge: 7,500 litres
Heat Source: Steam heating plates
No. of Spirit Stills: 1
Spirit Still Charge: 5,000 litres
Heat Source: Steam heating plates
Spirit still shape: Traditional with a reflux ball

Annual Output: 150,000 - 250,000 litres of alcohol

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