Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Balvenie Distillery

The Balvenie Distillery
Dufftown, Scotland,
AB55 4BB

The Balvenie. Located next to the Glenfiddich Distillery. When driving by, easy to miss...

With a traditional malting floor, a cooperage, beautiful warehouses, a great tour, and beautiful expressions.

We were pleased to be able to join last minute in a tour here. These tours are only taken on appointment and in little groups of no more than 8 people, so you get the most of the experience.

Walking around, hearing all the story's about the history and the making of these lovely products you get to appreciate more and more the time and love what goes in the making of a good spirit.

Next to this distillery lies an other one, where they produce Monkey shoulder  This one was not open to visitors... Seeing the malting flours and hearing about the way of working there, you get to understand why the people turning the malt get a condition called monkey shoulder...

This tour took quite some time, and they took the time to show us around, very nice everything. From seeing Warehouse 24, filling you own bottles, standing in the smoking kiln, hearing about walking the dog, seeing the cooperage etc makes this an unforgettable experience. It was concluded with a beautiful tasting and a zip of a Tun 1401 bottling....

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