Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tomatin Distillery

IV13 7YT

One of the highest distillery's, just under Inverness. We visited them on a Sunday, traveling from Oban to Inverness. We had a look on the map, and did not know if they would be open.
The visitor centre was, but sadly no tours at that moment... We did see a nice movie about Tomatin, and got a great service and tips from the nice girl of the visitor centre.

We got to taste some at the bar there, before going further on our travels...
Buying some samples and a whisky map, were most of the distillery's and contact data were displayed, we went further....

This map helped us a lot further on, deciding where to go. We had some hotels and B&B's reserved on our route through Scotland but no exact plans for what to visit. Just going day by day....

Tomatin was a "not planned" visit for us. And we will be back for a proper visit and to take a tour. Surprised by the superb visitor centre, the total layout, the immense location....

We will be back, and make a proper blog about it :-)

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