Tuesday, 23 April 2013

"Münsterlande Originale"

In der Geist 120
59302 Oelde (Germany)

Last week I was on a business trip to Germany with clients visiting a new factory in Oelde and a treatment plant in Hannover. In Oelde we visited the Pott's Brewery for a tour and a dinner.

Pott's Brewery is one of the largest in this area in Germany. They are a traditional Münsterland brewery. In 1769 this family owned brewery was established. They registered the trademark that they produce "refreshing natural" products. They use water in the brewing proces from their own source at the Josef-Quellen spring in the 'Altstadt - und Naturpark'. This springwater is very pure and gives the end product a refreshing taste. They use the best ingredients posible for brewing. They get their hop from the Holledau, a site to the North of Munchen.


Beer consist mostly of water, mixed with malt and hop. The malt is grinded down and mixed with water to make a mash. The mash is heated to 50 - 76 degrees to release the sugars. After this the sediment is separated from the mash. The liquid is then boiled with the hop and after that cooled down. When cooled down the beer is kept in vats for a while to let it rest and let it ferment. At Pott's they ad some flavours to the beer, to create different kinds.

In the long hall ways you can look in to the bottling line. On the other sides are parts of the brewery made visible displaying the old and the new next to each other. After a movie on the brewing proces, a walk around and seeing a movie about water, we went to the Beer Museum.


Here you can find a large library with beer books, and the largest collection with West German beer labels on the whole world. Also is the old way of brewing displayed and explained here. After a walk around we went to the Brau- en Backhaus for nice dinner and drink.


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