Friday, 30 August 2013

Balcones Tweet tasting

Balcones has its 5th anniversary and there for they held a superb twitter tasting hosted by The Whisky Wire. We were lucky to be able to attend this one, and received the following samples from them to taste:

'1' Texas Single Malt
Baby Blue
True Blue 100
5th Anniversary Texas straight Bourbon

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A little bit about the story of Balcones, from their website. Also here a great video about them.

Just five years ago, Balcones was little more than an idea fueled by a ruthless drive to create something new, something genuine, something worthwhile - a Texas whisky tradition. It all started with an old welding shop under a bridge. 

We hammered and welded our own stills, and sawed and nailed on that little shack to build the distillery that we use to this day. Since then, we have released seven unique spirits of which we are very proud and won 40 national and international awards from the world's top judges and critics. We don't just make whisky in Texas. We make Texas whisky.

Our commitment to hand crafting our spirits extends into the design and layout of the distillery and the engineering and construction of equipment. 

The benefits of building and installing our own equipment became clear to us as we put together our distillery. 

By building our own condensers, wash stills, heat exchangers, hot liquor tank, etc. we were able to build exactly the equipment we wanted to use to make spirits. We became extremely familiar with the tools of our trade. The equipment itself is one more level of the distilling process that we get to craft with our own hands.

We are very proud to not only taste spirit we made as it ages and matures, but to also work everyday with equipment that was painstakingly and lovingly made.

Craft distilleries are popping up everywhere. Half the time these ventures are initiated by business men who see a market opportunity. Balcones is the realization of a distiller's dream, not simply an ambitious attempt to fill a profitable niche.

We have had some corn whisky's before, and were not a big fan of it, but were very surprised by the Balcones, very nice and jummy! Have to keep my eyes open for their bottles. One to keep your eye one for sure!

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