Saturday, 24 August 2013

Pairing food and whisky...

With a group of whisky loving friends we had the idea to have a whisky tasting, paired with food. My husband wrote a little piece about this event on his blog.

Fettercair Fior
Penderyn Portwood
Jura 10
Exclusive Malts - Tobermory 1995
The Macallen Fine Oak 12 YO

In the weeks leading up to this event we choose all a whisky and dish, and tried to get a wide range of products on the table. It was a great success! This is definitely something we will be repeating!

In advance we also looked and asked around a bit, and from Jock Shaw also we got some tips and pointers also on pairing food and whisky. Some pieces of his mail, maybe it helps you also a bit when putting something together.

"Sweet sherried whisky pairs beautiful with raw ham or strong cheese, but also with chocolate truffel or mouse"

"Fish combined with a bed of samphire with some honey, tomatoes, and a bit of nebulized Talisker, and of course a dram of Talisker on the side. The sweet and peat will match here."

"When the main is lamb or duck, you can match that with a Cragganmore, the spiciness in there goes well with meat"

"Cheese is lovely with whisky matured on Port barrels. Here the Penderyn Portwood is very nice"

"Dessert and chocolate, a sherry monster is perfect there, like for example the Aberlour Abunadh. Unless there is cocos through the chocolate, then the choice could be better with a good Grain Whisky, like the Hedonism of Compass Box"

"At the end of a dinner it is nice to serve a cask strength Islay Whisky to let the peat out"

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