Friday, 29 November 2013

Mackmyra Reserve - Nosing & Tasting

We had the pleasure of attending a lovely international tasting hosted by Anki from SwedenThe tasting had four blind samples from the Mackmyra Reserve collection.

The Mackmyra Reserve is an opportunity to create and follow your own personal 30 litre cask from production through maturation to final bottling. You decide the time of bottling. They have around ten thousand cask owners and co-owners, they are the ambassadors.

They use water from the nearby Valbo Ridge and Swedish oak in the ends of the casks, as well for the smaller volume of 30 litres. Because of the Swedish climate, the oak trees that grow here have a distinct flavour that is characterized by its herbaceous tones and toffee sweetness.

They create their own peated malt using Swedish peat from the peat bog “Karinmossen”. The peat is then flavored with fresh juniper twigs to produce the unique taste of Mackmyra smoke. This gives it a distinctive smoky flavor with Swedish character.

We had the following expressions in the tasting:
Mackmyra Reserve - Xrok / Gastrikland / Bourbon
Mackmyra Reserves - Elegantara an Jack
Mackmyra Reserve - Wolfmoon Cask no. 1 

Thanks Anki and Mackmyra for a great night!

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