Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Balcones Head Distillers Private Barrel Tour

The 42nd Tweet Tasting of the Whisky Wire was an great one. Whisky Speller was thrilled to be invited to join the second event Steve hosted together with Balcones Distillery; the Head Distillers Private Barrel Tour

Last year we participated in the other Twitter Tasting he organised for them for the 5th anniversary, and that was a great line up so were looking forward to this years surprises.
We were not disappointed!

Balcones is one of America’s finest craft distillers, and it shows in their products. This Twitter Tasting brought us some of their latest and most anticipated new releases.

1. Balcones Rumble Cask Reserve 
2. Balcones 5th Anniversary Bourbon, Second Single Cask release 
3. Balcones Straight Malt, finished in a Rumble Cask Reserve Cask 
4. Balcones Straight Malt, finished in a Brimstone Resurrection Cask 
5. Balcones Brimstone Resurrection.

Want to see some tasting notes on these drams? Thomas' notes can be found here, and Ansgar's notes here. Once again we thank Steve for the great organisation of this tasting and the great night! 

Want to know more on Balcones? You can find much information on them and the bottlings on their website. For sure a distillery we have put on the list to visit when(ever) we are in America.

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