Saturday, 24 May 2014


Wednesday the 21st of May 2014 was the night that #BigPeat was released on to us all. Having received some "elements of Islay" in a little brown box the week before, we were looking forward to this one becoming more and more fans of the whiskies Douglas Laing are putting out there. Both of us loving the Isle of Islay and peated whisky, what more could we want really (besides going back to the island)?

This night we were treated to all Islay drams, themed #BigPeat. For Ansgar it was the first experience with the Big Peat expression. Thomas has had a taste of it before and made some notes almost 2 years back on it.

Coming back to this really shows us again that you have to give it all a second chance sometimes and that one's palate can really develop over time, one can educate it. We have purchased a little bottle for Ansgar to make notes on in the last couple of months, and can now put this next to these blind drams, knowing there should be another Big Peat batch hiding in this package somewhere.

Five blind drams, and some nice additions in the package to get the total peat and Islay experience going. Douglas Laing always makes it a party these packages for sure! The night was a great experience, with a bit of a guessing game to from what distillery it was. This is something we always immensely fail at, but is a lot of fun trying either way.

Sadly Thomas caught a little throat infection that kept him from tasting, and could only enjoy some nosing. His complete notes will follow soon. Here you can find the notes from Ansgar:

Provenance - Caol Ila - Young & Feisty
Provenance - Laphroaig 8 YO
Old Particular - Bowmore 12 YO
Big Peat (batch 59)
Director's Cut - Ardbeg 23 YO

For more tastingnotes on the Douglas Laing bottlings tasted so far you can find Thomas' here and Ansgar's here. Want to know more about Douglas Laing? We have written something about it a bit back... 

Thanks Douglas Laing and The Whiskywire for inviting us to this AMAZING tasting. Bottles to keep an eye out for for sure!

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