Monday, 8 September 2014


In the Twitter Tasting of Tomatin earlier this week organized by the Whisky Wire we had the pleasure to experience the four latest expressions next to each other of Tomatin's Cuatro Series. The samples were tasted blind and accompanied with four smaller samples of something misterious. These turned out to be the four different types of Sherry of which the casks were used to mature the whiskies.
All whiskies were matured for 9 years in traditional american oak ex-Bourbon casks and then transferred to four different ex-Sherry casks in order to mature for another 3 years. All expressions are bottled at 46%, non chill-filtered uncoloured and came from the same spirit distilled on the 15th of January 2002. All casks got transferred for finishing on the 29th of June 2011 into their respective ex-Sherry butts and bottled on the 20th of August 2014. From each of the expressions 1500 bottles will be available worldwide.

The four types of ex-Sherry butts used were the lightest types of Fino and Manzanilla sherries, the more mature Oloroso and the sweetest of them all, a Pedro Ximenèz dessert Sherry.

This turned out to be a lovely experiment that shows the influence the different kind of Sherries can have very well. We were presented the whiskies and sherries in a blind tasting and we noticed the different types of flavours it is giving to the whisky very obvious. An original setup and idea to present it this way, and very educational for the non-Sherry drinkers among the attendees. WhiskySpeller will be on the look out for some Sherries and the four expressions to have another taste! The name Cuatro is a fitting name for the series (Cuatro is the Spanish word for four).

In line with the tasting, Tomatin released their next version of their Cù Bòcan - The Sherry Edition, also something to look forward to, since it was sadly not included in the parcel.

Tomatin Cuatro - Fino Sherry finish
Thomas' notes - Ansgar's notes

Tomatin Cuatro - Manzanilla Sherry finish
Thomas' notes - Ansgar's notes

Tomatin Cuatro - Oloroso Sherry finish
Thomas' notes - Ansgar's notes

Tomatin Cuatro - Pedro Ximenèz Sherry finish
Thomas' notes - Ansgar's notes

Many thanks go out to Tomatin and Steve for letting us join this great experiment! You can see all the twitter action when looking up #TomatinCuatro

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