Tuesday, 2 December 2014


November 26th we were selected as one of the lucky few to join a Twitter Tasting from the Lakes Distillery organised by The Whisky Wire. In the lined up was their blended British whisky the One, and the company's gin. Their gin was a bit of a new experience for us, since we have not tasted many of those before.

First up was the One, created from whiskies from all countries of the British Isles, including the 2 Irelands, so we were told by Paul Currie, the Founder and Managing Director of The Lakes Distillery Company. He told us that the exact recipe of the One sadly remains their secret when he was asked about the malt-grain ratio and other specifics. A nice and gentle expression. 

After the British blended whisky it was time to dive in to the gin. For the production of this they use a small 1000 liter copper pot still called Chemmy, after the Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott who is their gin ambassador. 

We were advised to pop the gin in the freezer about 1 hour before the tasting, which would take the 'alcohol edge' off the taste, so we could really enjoy the full flavours. Paul told us that the botanical ingredients include some local Cumbrian juniper berries, meadowsweet, hawthorn, heather and bilberry. These were notes we could find with ease in the product for sure. 

At this moment The Lakes Distillery produces the Lakes Gin, Lakes Vodka and also in the future Lakes Malt, which will be used in a different brand idea as is used for the One. Looking forward to seeing more of their products to come by, and we hope to visit their distillery soon, walk around the shop, take a tour and have a sip and a snack in the bistro / bar, located next to Bassenthwaite Lake in the Lake District National Park, where they renovated an 1850's Victorian model farm.

Want to read some tasting notes on these or other products? Why not have a look at the notes made by Ansgar or Thomas? Many thanks to Steve and Paul for having us once more on such a great tasting.

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