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Magic Twitter Whisky Tasting Adventure

Via twitter, @girl_whisky had developed an "blind" nosing and tasting with three whiskies, shipped in small 20ml ministures. After picking a couple of dates, some people - including myself - had to cancel last minute, because of other obligations. In the end, the tasting took place on a date I could still not join, so I decided to open the miniatures beforehand and make it a solo-event.

The three whiskies came with nothing but a coloured sticker on the top; yellow, red and black. Because it was unknown what the content was, I decided to open them according to the colour of the whisky itself, from light to dark. This resulted in the order Yellow-Blue-Red, so I opened Yellow first.

The lightest of the trio - only just the colour of a pale white wine, pretty fast, thin legs
nose: mildly peated, salty, beeswax, tutti-frutti, raisins
  with water: not much different
taste: soft, honey, no peat, fat
  with water: ash
finish: soft, short, sweet, dry- like banana
  with water: more spices 
conclusion: I wanted to try this first, but due to the peaty nose, I decided to taste this last. Not bad.
guess: something mildly peated from the Highlands? Oban?
in the end: it appears to be the Belgian the Belgian Owl - 3yo - single malt

Only just a little darker than yellow, big, fat slow irregular legs.
nose: soft, fruity, vanilla, raisins, herbs, nuts, marshmallows, "sinterklaas-candy" (something Dutch)
  with water: "pepernoten" (something Dutch again), more vanilla
taste: soft, sweet, pepper, apples, pears - white fruits
  with water: herbs, "pepernoten", sweet, butter
finish: soft, mildly sweet, fat
  with water: shorter, mildly sweet, butter, butter, butter
conclusion: did this age on ex-bourbon? Often I smell the wood with ex-bourbon aged whisky, but not now. I am drawn towards this by the strong vanilla. Good though.
guess: Tomatin? Springbank?
in the end: it appears to be the Swedish Mackmyra - first edition - single malt

the darkest of the trio has thick slow legs, far apart.
nose: sour, heavy odor, not pleasant, sweat (not a typo), salt, banana
  with water: a little sweet, acacia honey
taste: soft, sweet, spicy, dry
  with water: more sweet, more banana, soft
afdronk: pittig achter in keel, middellang, klein bittertje, droog - als van banaan
  with water: very(!) spicy, much, much longer
conclusion: hmm. I am devided. Not a nice nose, no excessively sweet taste, but no unpleasant finish at all.
guess: Highland Park?
in the end: it appears to be the Japanese Nikka - All Malt - blended malt

Boy, was I wrong with these tastings. With all three miniatures I was way off from the tasting notes gathered on the whiskygirl website.

One final conclusion: I have to keep practicing. A lot.

#MTWTA - Magic Twitter Whisky Tasting Adventure by @girl_whisky,

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