Sunday, 17 March 2013

the Wild Geese

The flock

Today was Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland. The day goes hand in hand with festivals, parades, wearing green attire, eating and drinking more (alcohol) than generally admitted. In honour of this tradition I have used today to have a mini tasting of a set of three miniatures of the Wild Geese. A wild goose is in general a term for a person that is of Irish descent, but lives outside of Ireland.

As far as I have been able to deduct, the whisky is distilled and blended by Cooley distillers in Ireland an bottled for Avalon, the owner of the brand.

Rare Irish
Rare Irish Whiskey
43% abv

On the nose I found some fresh sweet notes from tutti-frutti and an gingery herbal scent. The taste revealed a little pineapple and ginger, it feels round and fat and is minty-fresh on the palate. Sadly, there is a short, mildly sweet finish.

Really nice to drink as a daily dram, instead of the 'normal' choices from Scotland. Great stuff.

Single Malt
Single Malt Irish Whiskey
43% abv

The nose is fresh, with limes and sweet lemons, there is also a moment with walnuts and a walk between rosebushes. Tasting starts with sweet honey, heather flowers, turning into a fatty and peppery feeling on the palette. It has a beautiful strong, medium-long honey-sweet and dry finish.

All in all I cannot do anything else than say that it is a very loveable single malt Irish whiskey, but... it is a bit overpriced for my taste. For the same price you can easily purchase many similar single malts, or you would be drinking this, because it is something not Scottish.

Fourth Centennial
Limited Edition Fourth Centennial
43% abv

The nose has several herbal notes, vanilla, tangerine, honey, flowers and again, a walk between the rose bushes. A sugar-sweet taste, with fruit notes of bananas and pears with white pepper on the moment the finish starts its spicy, fruity (bananas again) dry and slightly bitter journey.

It is a gentle dram that will do great with a desert or as an aperitif. Personally I think it is a little too sweet to drink just because. Without the slightly bitter finish I would have enjoyed it better.

the wild geese website

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