Saturday, 31 May 2014

Feis Ile 2014 - Ardbeg day

Just because we are not at the Feis Ile 2014, we did not think it was reason enough not to join with the festivities. We will be drinking a random dram (not previously tasted by us) of each of the distilleries and share our thoughts about it.

Today, Saturday May 31st 2014, it is Ardbeg day. Possibly one of the most anticipated parties of the year (on the island) take place at the courtyard of the distillery at this day, welcoming the many Ardbeg fans and Committee members with their many silly games and festivities. We have chosen the Ardbeg Committee expression of the Ardbeg Rollercoaster to celebrate the day - albeit from a distance.

We have been at the distillery, done the tours and drank the drams - and although that was great and all, whenever we think back of the times we have visited, we mostly remember the fantastic lunchroom we keep coming back to because we still have not tried everything on the menu.

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