Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Feis Ile 2014 - Laphroaig Day

Just because we are not at the Feis Ile 2014, we did not think it was reason enough not to join with the festivities. We will be drinking a random dram (not previously tasted by us) of each of the distilleries and share our thoughts about it.

Whisky Speller enjoying Feis Ile 2013
Today, Tuesday May 27th 2014, it is Laphroaig day. We are sharing our thoughts today on the Ultimate 1998 - 2013, matured in a refill ex-Sherry Butt for 15 years.

We have visited this lovely distillery last year for the Feis Ile 2013 festivities. A relaxed place to be and to walk around. Weather permitting, you can stroll to the edge of the island and see the Atlantic ocean and have a look at Ireland in the distance. Situated in a beautiful setting, we are looking forward to travelling back to this great spot on Islay, come next year.

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